Signature Renewed    

Take a step into the abstract and consider the individual nuances that determine your overall style. 

The sum of these parts; the daily wardrobe choices we make each day, ultimately equate to our style legacy. Informed by years of both conscious and subconscious decisions, trends of the seasons, political landscape, the heritage of our families and subcultures of our peers, our holistic style memoir becomes a part of us, a statement to the world.

A deeply personal signature as such.

Nobody Denim Bucket Hat With Plant
Nobody Denim Outfit Holding Plant


[ sig-nuh-cher ]

'Used to refer to the special thing for which a person or a place is particularly known.'.

Nobody Denim White Jacket and Jeans

Since our inception at the turn of the decade, we’ve firmly rejected the status quo, and held up our values like no other.

Not only have we become the Australian authority in denim, but our efforts are linked with many sustainable and community endeavours, creating a lasting legacy for good.

Akin to our principles, our renewed 35-piece Signature collection has become the backbone to our denim DNA.

Refined and redefined, the collection is now accessible to a larger selection of our community, with the new sizing ranging from a 23-34. Creating space for the wearer to explore their individuality, each fit is available in mid-rise, high-rise, and super high-rise waists, in addition to the choice of a full length, ankle crop or petite inseam.

Encompassing our mission to create an always available ever inclusive collection, is our overarching promise to the future; no matter what, Signature will always be made here in Australia.

Nobody Denim White Jacket and Jeans

“For 22 years, Nobody Denim has always been dedicated to the craftsmanship of creating denim and to maintaining an ethical and sustainable business with transparency at its core.

As local manufacturing continues to get more challenging from both a cost and skills shortage perspective, we are committing both to our customers, and to the fashion industry that no matter what, the Nobody Denim Signature Range will always be your favourite denim made in Australia.

By making that commitment we are ensuring the future of local manufacturing by continually investing in the best and most innovative technologies and the skills of our local workforce to make sure we can keep as much work here as possible.”

- John Condilis, Co Founder.

So here are your new wardrobe signatures, your go-to denim blacks and blues.

Your ongoing endeavour to explore your personal style.

Thoughtful and considered, the pieces that will leave a lasting impact on your style legacy.

Photographer: Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd

Photo Assist: Enrico Kasjan

Director: Grace Moore

Cinematographer: Alice Stephens

Camera Assistant: Courtney Catherine

HMU: Lily Swan

Talent: Ange, Tokaya and Montana



Original Jacket Unique
Original Jacket Unique
Original Jacket Unique
Original Jacket Unique
Original Jacket Unique
Original Jacket Unique

Original Jacket Unique