Lola Van Vorst, showroom manager, PR coordinator, and multi-talented powerhouse, offers a quirkiness and strength to her demeanour. Humorous and unapologetically her, she presents as self-assured and demonstrates what it means to bask in your individuality.

Lola, what do you stand for?  

Old people on the bus ... AND .... Equality for the LGBTQI+ community ;) The right to be me and only me and the voice for those who can’t speak.

Why Freak by Silverchair? 

Because Banger. I had such an urge to listen to this song and it had been such along time. I can remember the film clip so clearly. Watching Rage on the weekends with dad, -was very nostalgic for me. This song speaks so much to the individual. It’s about conformity and being dissolute from the “in crowd”, being yourself and trying not to live up to people’s expectations.

Tell me about your journey in self-expression.

I’m still on this journey, constantly rediscovering myself. It’s taken me a long time to realise that it doesn’t matter what people think of me and to lean into that. I’ve learned so much from the people around me and have a lot of them to thank for where I am now and how I see myself.

What advice would you give young Lola on self-expression?  

Don’t wear the dress if you don’t want to!! Also listen to the little voice in your head sometimes, it’s not always trying to put you down. Jump, lean in and get out of your comfort zone.

In an ideal world, what does freedom of expression look like to you?   

Freedom of self without judgement and fear.


TALENT: Lola Van Vorst @lolavan
DIRECTOR/DP: James Campbell @james_cambo
PHOTOGRAPHER: Jake Terrey @jaketerrey
PHOTOGRAPHER ASSISTANT: Luke Schuetrumpf @lukeschuetrumpf
DIGI: Nick Shaw @knickshaw
CAMERA 2: Ady Neshoda @adyneshoda
FILM EDITORS: James Campbell & Ady Neshoda @james_cambo & @adyneshoda
SOUND: Oliver Dibley @oliverdibley
STYLISTS: Emma Kalfus & Karla Clarke @karla_clarke , @emma_kalfus
HAIR: Madison Voloshin @ Assembly agency @badisonv
BEAUTY: Stoj @ The Artist Group @stoj_makeupartist

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