New Beginnings    

It’s difficult to hypothesise what the defining artefacts of COVID-19 will be while we are still very much within its arc. 

Will our reflection of 2020 conjure images of sourdough starters, loungewear, zoom parties and Government Issue 3-ply Face Masks?

Or, perhaps, it will portray a shift, a chance to redefine and reset. To return to our roots, to refine our collections and to come back to the quality staples we know and love. 2021 brings new beginnings; a poignant theme aimed to highlight our strengths and welcome a return to minimalism and considered dressing that upholds our sustainability commitments

Nobody Denim Bucket Hat With Plant
Nobody Denim Outfit Holding Plant

So start your wardrobe afresh. These are your essential classics, but refined. So perfectly constructed, you’ll never tire of them. Find classic denim silhouettes come to life in authentic indigo washes, accents of deep earthy tones inspired by the fragility and innocence of the world around us and a pop of emerald to remind us of brighter times. New denim silhouettes are designed for ease of wear with a focus on longevity, quality and comfort.

Nobody Denim White Jacket and Jeans

We’re embarking on a path to consciously consider the product lifecycle for Nobody Denim, we’re expanding our Signature Collection of denim made in Australia, diversifying our capabilities, extending our size offering and listening to our customer like never before.

We know that as we continue to make improvements we will always encounter new challenges, and though this road is winding and never ending, it will forever offer us room to change and grow.

2021 we are ready for you.

Photography: Peter Van Alphen / @Peter_van_alphen_

Motion: Gemma da Maria @gemmade

Model: Sophie McFadden / @soph_mcfadzzzzz

H&MU: Koh / @kohhair

Stylist: Emma Kalfus / @emma_kalfus

Florist: Edan Flowers / @edanflowers

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