Women's High Waisted Boyfriend Jeans

High Waisted Boyfriend Jeans

Inspired by masculine jean silhouettes and designed with a feminine touch, Nobody High waisted boyfriend jeans are the epitome of effortless fashion. The embodiment of relaxed styles, high rise boyfriend jeans look like you've slipped into a pair of your boyfriend's jeans. 

Tapering from the hip to the ankle, these jeans take the mainstream low-hung boyfriend jeans and add a flattering and fitted look to extenuate your feminine body whilst maintaining the classic silhouette of this laid-back style. 

From white to black and various shades of denim blue, you can find a range of comfortable high rise boyfriend jeans to fit your athletic or inverted triangle body shape and aesthetic of choice. 

High-Rise Boyfriend Jeans Styling for All Aesthetics 

High-rise boyfriend jeans work on varying levels, from an ultra-casual streetwear look or a laid-back, professional look. Creating a Pinterest-worthy streetwear fit is as simple as pairing your boyfriend jeans with an oversized vintage top and chunky sneakers. For a comfortable office look, pair your high rise boyfriend jeans with a simple button-down top and neat sneakers or a chunky knit and blouse. If you want to create a more feminine look from this masculine silhouette, pair your high rise boyfriend jeans with a fitted top to create a more contrasting shape. 

Functional and Comfortable High Rise Boyfriend Jeans 

Add an element of grungy slouch to your style and bring an essential streetwear element to your wardrobe with Nobody's high waisted boyfriend jeans. Made with ethical practices and sustainability, Nobody offers a conscious-clearing denim range that leaves nothing to second guess. 

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