At once both nostalgic and blissfully modern, our latest collection is inspired by the vast Australian landscape, its diversity and extreme beauty. 

Fittingly for spring, the season we look to for change and rebirth, this notion has evolved to take on a deeper, more complex meaning. It would be remiss to use the natural environment as a primary source of inspiration and not address its destruction in the wake of recent devastating bushfires, floods and a global pandemic.

What was once an ode to her wild magnificence, has grown into the call to protect it, so that we may continue to enjoy it just as we have experienced in our past.
Perhaps now more than ever, we must pay dedicated attention to the place we call home.

Find deep earthy tones, calmed by soft natural pigments, muted pastels and tonal aquatic blues. A theme aimed to translate not only the natural beauty in textures and fabrications but the fragility in the world around us.

A play on opposites with a focus on technical fabrications in organic shapes, the palette is fresh in white, sun burnt hues and sea blues, anchored in toffee and black. New denim silhouettes are accentuated by cinched waists and fine ribs, exalting the female form in a dynamic dance between power and purity. 

Styling: Emma Kalfus & Karla Clarke @ Side-Note

Photography: Jess Ruby James

Videography: Gemma De Maria

HMU: Isabella Schimid

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