The creative behind artist profile, Fich n Ramous, is Talia Blank.

This season we teamed up with Blank, to create five exclusive prints which seek to celebrate art, life and individuality.

Born in Switzerland, raised in Sydney, Blank’s style of art can be described as storytelling with an international flare. Blank, a mere 21 years old, possesses a level of finesse within her discipline, exceptional for someone of her age. A recent University graduate, Blank claims she “arrived at my signature style by learning to trust myself and embracing vulnerability and honesty.”

When prompted by her biggest artistic inspirations, Blank prefers to reference day-to-day things rather than art itself. Drawing inspiration from absolutely anywhere, she looks to everything within her surrounds for creative spark. “Whether it be what I’m seeing or thinking, my train of thought comes through the paint onto paper.”

Blank's preferred medium alternates between generic acrylic paint, charcoal, ink and pastel. That being said, she doesn’t always stick to traditional forms or materials. Recognisable by squiggly lines and female forms, Blank’s work also typically incorporates written word and humour. This is cemented unmistakeably in her choice of artistic synonym, Fich n Ramous. Unparalleled to anything else, Blank’s witt and play on words are consistent with her theme of expressing thoughts into art.

On the collaboration with Nobody Denim?

Blank’s intention with these five exclusive prints was to “convey the powerful energy of a woman and defy traditional forms of female beauty?”. She has definitely achieved this through the use of the inquisitive curves of the female face. A heavy focus on the shape of the lip cements a deeper intent to celebrate the female voice, and recognise her importance.

This intent has been masterfully replicated in Blank’s use of vocabulary in the accompanying slogans. Words like ‘Revolution’ and ‘Woman’ have been articulated to best convey our overarching theme of the collection, celebrating the Women who influenced the greatest artists of the impressionist movement. Which then, of course, aims to celebrate the female voice of today, speaking to one of Nobody Denim’s strong brand values.

The boldness of each written word has been seamlessly replicated in the colour choice of t-shirt fabrication. An array of artisanal hues, reminiscent of pigments found on an artist’s palette.

Blank envisages the wearer of this collection to be an appreciator of minimal style, local artists and the beholder of a fun character. “I want her to feel confident and a little bit cheeky. Like she can really be herself” [while wearing the t-shirt].

Rapid Fire Questions with Talia Blank;

Acrylic or oil?
Acrylic, it dries faster.

Contemporary or Fine?

Impressionist or Classic?

Photography or Film?
Film, easy.

Favourite Instagram filter?

Favourite person you follow on Instagram?

How would you describe your art?
Intuitive, free, expressive and honest.