Inspired by the Islands of Australia, unspoilt beauty and the communities within.   

Looking to our own backyard for inspiration, this season is informed by the unique Australian landscape, with a focus on the many exquisite islands that make up the diverse subcontinent. Be transported to the tropical top end, surrounded by the raw beauty of the rambling sea. Subject to considerable monsoonal rains and extended dry seasons, this wild frontier remains relatively untouched, ready to awaken those amongst us with an adventurous spirit. 


Borrowed from the land, the colour palette integrates earthy tones, muted pastels and tonal aquatic blues. Through the use of shape, colour and texture, these elements are explored with an unrestricted focus on drape and fluidity. Long length shorts, straight long jeans and the midi skirt continue to reign supreme as we enter the new era of comfort chic. Fabrications focus on open weave knits to pair back with the light and natural washes of denim.

Embedded into every garment, is a feeling of excitement, newness and discovery. Allow the essence of our sunburned country in contrast to her jewelled sea to evoke an internal sense of wonder and inspire a journey of discovery. 

Photographer: Claudia Smith

Photography assistant: Sonny Witton

Videographer: Jack Birtles

Models: Kelsey Martinovich & Linnea Grondahl

HMU: Georgia Gaillard

Stylist: Olivia Smythe

Production/Creative: Emma Kalfus + Karla Clarke @Side-Note

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