Meet Your Maker| Majuri


“When I measure any garments I feel proud ... I always want to do more.”

For Majuri Gunanathan, sewing has long been a passion – and a connection to Sri Lanka, the place she calls home. “When I was 10 my mum was always making dresses, and I was always helping her,” Gunanathan explains. “I finished a diploma in tailoring ... And I’m doing dressmaking myself, Indian and Sri Lankan dresses, cultural dresses.”

When Gunanathan moved to Melbourne 18 months ago to complete a master of information technology, her interest in fashion remained, providing a natural progression to working at Nobody Denim alongside her degree. “I think I’m the first student working here,” Gunanathan tells. “I like to do [work] related to IT ... but also related to fashion.”

Gunanathan’s role as part of Nobody Denim’s Finishing Team involves cleaning and measuring garments. “I like the high-rise ... skinny jeans,” she notes of her favourite pieces. “When I measure any garments I feel proud. When I do that ... time is going very quick.”

Given that her family and boyfriend – now fiancé – of 15 years are still at home in Sri Lanka, creating a community at work is important to Gunanathan. “I want to communicate with everyone and I want to communicate very friendly, that’s the first part. I always want to do more.

“Here, everyone is very friendly ... So this creativity, this philosophy, everything is good.

“When I wear Nobody Denim I feel proud.”