An edit of separates with the power to transport you to Morocco’s most vibrant city.

Shot in the formal imperial city, Marrakesh explores the disarming charm of terracotta hues, contemporary silhouettes and bold statements.

Playful fluted pants, signature skinny legs and feminine skirts form the foundation of our story. Denim in hues reminiscent of amber dust, sunsets and ceramics. A mosaic of rigid and stretch forms, ideal for weaving through the mazed streets of the Medina.

Inspired top silhouettes in delicate stripes and vibrant hues will take you through a sensory journey, not unlike a stroll through the local Souk. Considered basics imagined in natural fabrications, ensuring versatility ideal for adventure. Keep cool in linear linen shirting, constructed with feminine details sure to charm.

A curation of terracotta separates, which lend themselves perfectly to be worn together, or as a statement piece alone. Ensemble options begging to be worn in company with soft leather slippers, amongst the palatial forms of Museé YSL.

Nestled between the cacti and palm trees, is the bustling, colourful oasis that is Marrakesh. Delve into a beautifully nuanced selection of tonal pieces, evoking an affinity to the Red City.

Creative and Production | Wall Candy Co.

Model | Gabriela Demeterová

Makeup | Jessica Bérullier

Videography | Tom Anlezark