“Evolution to me is finding it in yourself to assess where change in your life is needed and taking action.” Lara Worthington is well versed in the art of transformation.

The Sydney-raised former model, mother and founder of beauty brand The Base – now Share The Base – has been recently inducted as an L.A. local. But when we meet Worthington she’s a little closer to home for our shoot at Melbourne stonemasonry and sculpture studio Den Holm – where she’s at ease in shades of indigo, among works of art. Those refined lines and sculptural forms mirror her personal style: an appreciation for tailoring and a penchant for minimalism that’s made her a long-time muse in our eyes. “Over the years my wardrobe has simplified and definitely become more streamlined as a mother,” tells Worthington of her aesthetic. “Of course there are still times when a red lip and glam dress are called for – but in general it’s subtle … Denim is the be-all staple for day-to-day duties ...”

But our affinity with Lara goes far deeper than that. With an enduring connection to her home country and a drive to do more for the world at large, Worthington is a Nobody Denim woman from every angle. That aesthetic sensibility – it extends to a love of art and photography (the favourite piece in her personal collection is capture of 90s-era Kate Moss by Jeurgen Teller, gifted by her husband Sam Worthington). And it was a desire for creative expression, on her own terms, that inspired Worthington to found her signature brand back in 2014.

This connection to Australia is one Worthington maintains “easily”, she says. “ I am often here for work.” And it’s another quality that’s made her a Nobody Denim muse.

An additional factor behind our collaboration for SOMEBODY Issue 1: for Worthington, the feeling is mutual. “I love seeing Nobody stick to their guns and make it work for our homegrown industry,” she tells. “Nobody’s 20 years is a real milestone for any business in today’s market – and an especially motivating one from an Australian brand producing their goods on our shores. I’m an Australian through and through – so this kind of endeavor makes me proud and inspired.” Nobody Denim’s ethical credentials are another point of connection. “I love to see another business doing their part. No matter how small or big a contribution, it all adds up and encourages others to do the same.”

Beyond her own business, leaving a positive mark is something Worthington is mindful of on a day-to-day basis – beginning with her environmental footprint. And no, she’s not afraid to be that person at the cafe who turns down single-use items. “If I’m at home it’s easy to have a low impact but if I am out and about I have to challenge myself and the places I go to – to be more conscious,” she says. “Like if you are at a cafe and they only have plastic, or a restaurant where they change your glassware – you have to put your hand up.”

Perhaps the evolutions that are truly worthwhile are those that allow us to pare life back to what matters most.

Photography: Adrian Price
Fashion: Natalie Petrevski
Studio & Sculptures: Den Holm