We sit down with five of Australia's female powerhouses to celebrate their transformation of self. We delve into their self-expression journey, exploring how our evolution at an individual level inspires at a community and global level. 

We discuss the importance of embracing one's individuality, the need for diversity and the freedom of self-expression that is not yet granted to all. In discussion with these influential women, we present a line-up of trailblazers whose mindsets leave us in utter admiration. With spoken words of truths, an impressive knowingness, and conviction to their voice, they unapologetically stand in their power. 


Nicole Warne, a digital influencer with an audience of over 2.3 million, proves a pioneer that dominates the intersection of the digital and creative realm. Down-to-earth and welcoming, Nicole's nature extends an openness to others, her expansive mindset evident when in conversation with her. 

Nicole, how would you describe yourself? 

I’m a wife, mother, adoptee, Aquarius. I’m introverted and extroverted at the same time. I’m adventurous, loyal, open-minded and forever an optimist. I’m a conservation enthusiast and an avid gardener.

What is something that excites you?  

Innovation and creativity integrated with sustainability and technology that helps humanity and our Earth. The challenges we collectively face with climate change are very real, but it’s encouraging to see how people are changing their approach with the wellbeing of our future at the forefront. It gives me hope that the next generation already have an instilled respect and mindfulness for nature and how we can protect it moving forward.

How has your perspective of authenticity evolved over the years?   

I think we’re all trying to find our most authentic self and to me that’s an ever-evolving journey of experiences with ourselves and others. I think moving to New York really put a spotlight on the sheltered experience I had growing up in a small town in Australia, but also introduced me to a new world of self-expression. I found comfort in seeing people doing the most wildly freeing things, living their absolute truths. It was so liberating to experience and something I carry with me as I navigate my own authenticity.

Then becoming a mother furthered my self-awareness, in the sense that I learnt how physically and mentally strong and vulnerable I could be simultaneously. For me, there’s nothing more authentic than being a parent. It strips you back to what’s truly important; health, love and taking care of one another. That’s all that matters to me really.

Tell me about the relationship between authenticity and social media.  

I never set out to build a business based around me as an individual, but authenticity has always been central to my social media. More than a decade ago I launched an e-commerce vintage store and originally my social media platforms were a tool to support the business and mission. At that time, social media was finding its feet and the concept of influencer didn’t yet exist, so I could never have imagined where I would be today. I’m constantly learning my comfortability and boundaries around sharing parts of my personal and professional lives—there’s always been a constant tug and pull--and especially now becoming a mother there’s an added layer to that.

I do believe authenticity and social media can exist peacefully together, but there’s always going to be some form of self-projecting when there’s an audience involved, whether that’s consciously or subconsciously. I think if we were to be our most authentic self, we would live in the moment more and use our phone less but judging by my daily phone usage I’m still struggling with that concept.

How do you think a growth mindset (flexible, expansive, ever evolving) benefits the wider community?  

I think when you have a growth mindset you are allowing a safe space for others, for their feelings, opinions and individualism to be heard. This creates a beautiful harmony, which allows creativity and collaboration to flow. I am a big believer in “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”. The magic happens when people come together to support, uplift and work with each other.

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