COH x Signature24/7

COH x Signature24/7


Signature24/7, an ongoing exploration of personal wardrobe foundations that are anything but disposable. In our second instalment we delve deeper in to the significance of Signature style and great staple pieces that encourage individuality and allow a woman to discover her own personal style. Produced in collaboration with Chronicles of Her, we asked four inspirational creatives how they came to discover their own signature style.

First up, Talia Blank, Artist, arrived at her signature style by learning to trust herself, embracing vulnerability and embracing honesty. ‘Usually I wear a lot of denim, I carry around a scrunchie at all times, though I never tie my hair up. I just feel like if I dress in a uniform I can get more things done and be productive.’

‘My signature style is eclectic and inspired by my travels,’ Mimi Elashiry, classically trained Dancer, Model and Influencer. ‘I’ve really developed an understanding of my own personal style and how to express it. I love to be out there and ridiculous and play different characters. When I try and refine it too much, or I let other people style me I always find that I feel miserable and not myself.’

Ellen Virgona, Photographer describes her style as simple yet chic. ‘I try and be sophisticated with my toned down look. I’ve been going through a big 70’s phase. If I were to wear a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, I would pair it with something interesting like statement earrings.’

Finally, our long time muse and Creative Director in her own right, Carmen Hamilton. “I draw energy from being surrounded by creatives and other women that inspire me. My signature style is put together but comfortable and uncomplicated. It’s important to just keep going back to those pieces in your wardrobe that really reflect who you are.” Denim can be elegant in its simplicity, and jeans the foundation of style.

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