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When it comes to our core design focuses, we strip it right back to the essentials: the people we create for and the planet we call home.
Designed and made in Australia, we feel the direct implications of being situated in this great southern land - the world's second driest continent. Since 2017 we've reduced water use by 50 per cent in our stone washing and bleaching processes, so you not only look good in our products but can also feel good about how they're made. To ensure that we continuously reflect our values of stewardship and conservation, we work in collaboration with Sustainability Victoria, along with energy and materials efficiency assessors, to identify the most effective ways of reducing environmental impact.
We want you to choose pieces for a lifetime, not a season, meaning we're committed to reducing waste across the supply chain. And we're also finding better ways to make them. Nobody Denim uses automated cutting practices to reduce excess fabric by 9 per cent, and equipment that reduces the number of garments with defaults by 30 per cent - another method of minimising waste.
With your health and that of the planet in mind, the laundry dyes that add depth and tone to your favourite denim staples meet European Union (REACH) chemical standards, exceeding those within our own country.
The conservation of energy is another conerstone of our sustainability practice. We support the Paris Agreement on climate change and are working towards decarbonising our business and supply chain, aligning with the global goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

As our opportunities for reducing environmental and social impact grow, we're committed to the journey - creating garments for the woman who cares about where they come from, and where they'll go.