Give denim a luxe update with We The People Style.

'The black jean is like the sartorial crutch I just can’t quit – reaching for it time and again like my trusty old friend. To be fair, the inconspicuous dark denim holds up it’s end of the bargain; it’s undoubtedly the most reliable piece of fabric in my wardrobe.

So how to give black denim a luxe update other than the usual pointed pumps and red lips à la chic Parisiennes?

Earrings are back. The bigger the better. Embrace your inner magpie and adorn yourself with some excellent bling.

Give business time a twist; swap tailored trousers for skinny black denim and give your favourite striped shirt a luxe update by pulling it off the shoulder to expose a little skin.

Get preppy and pair with the slickest school-girl blazer you have. Extra points for cropping your flares super high – above the ankle bone for maximum impact.'