Well Made Clothes presents Nobody Denim Girls.

Vanessa Marian, Choreographer and Dancer.

Every member of the Well Made Clothes team owns a pair of Nobody Denim jeans, loves her pair of Nobody Denim jeans, and tells her friends about her Nobody Denim jeans.

For their Nobody Denim girls series, Well Made Clothes asked four fab women to go through the process of choosing a pair of Nobody Denim jeans, so that they could recount their recommendations about fit, size, and style and then videoed them doing what they do best in them, so you can see said jeans, up close and in action.

This is the first in their series of four.

Video credits:
Director: Manuela Leigh
Stylist: Charlotte Agnew
Makeup artist: Corinna Wilmshurst
Hair: Nina Metta
Director’s assistant: Kurt Davies
Audio recorder: Johan Freden
Music composer: Moses Mcrae