Imagine how good it would be to wear your doona around in winter. But that's not practical. Fortunately, there are outfit options that are just as comfy and cosy, and also look killer. Beck Wadworth, founder of stationery label An Organised Life and Instagram style-influencer, gave Broadsheet some hints on how to keep warm, feel comfortable and look good when the temperature plummets.

'Layering can be hard in winter,' Wadworth says. You may feel like layering your whole wardrobe into one outfit to keep warm, but matching a staple pair of jeans and a high-quality knit is a less bulky and often warmer option.

'My go-to in winter is high-waisted denim, and then I tuck in a cashmere knit that's warm and light, and wear it with a coat or blazer.'

Words: Emily Naismith for Broadsheet

Images: Rachel Yabsley