Artist Not The Muse.

Artist Not The Muse.


A collection dedicated to the bold. Artist, Not the Muse celebrates art, life and individuality.

This season we look beyond the most influential artists of the surrealist and impressionist movements, and draw inspiration from the stoic women who stood beside them. Artist, Not the Muse celebrates the women behind the work, and recognises them as artists in their own right.

Our favourite denim fits receive an update in the form of captivating ruffles, fluid drapery and frayed accents. Exaggerated volume is introduced as a key trend, magnifying the expert tailoring evident throughout.

Regal purples, vibrant oranges and romantic reds create the ultimate submersion onto the artist’s palette. The influence of impressionist colour a common brushstroke found within each modern silhouette and textile. 

An exploration in texture sees a leap into linen, as well as ridged fabrications, with liner ribs reminiscent of sculptural forms.

Our all-embracing theme of wearable art saw collaboration with two inspirational young artists. Each print created to evoke female empowerment while it’s accompanying slogan, written with the agenda to disrupt.

Artist, Not the Muse stands as a defiant clash of romanticism, art and influence, presented as a beautifully nuanced collection.

A nod to the era of surrealism and impressionism, this curation of thought provoking pieces was designed for the audacious, modern woman.

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