Nobody Denim x VAMFF | Laundry Tours 2019

Nobody Denim x VAMFF | Laundry Tours 2019


At Nobody Denim, transparency is paramount – in our production methods, products and retailing.

For the second-time in our 20-year history, and in collaboration with VAMFF, we invited the public, media and all interested parties to walk through our vertically integrated factory floor. A chance to experience first-hand where our iconic denim jeans are washed, dyed, distressed and more.

Hosted by Founder John Condilis, Brand Director Ben Esakoff, Senior Wash Developer Sara Fletcher and Ethics and Sustainability Mentor Elysia Evers Wilson; the intimate tours took place in Nobody Denim’s family built Laundry. Located in the heart of Fitzroy, Melbourne our laundry is our birthplace, our home of innovation, action and experimentation.

“We want our customers to know they can feel good about wearing Nobody Denim, and we want them to be able to see the true story behind how their jeans are created.” - Condilis

The audience’s response to the information rich tours was overwhelming. Attendee participation during each denim brushing demonstration brought both interest and joy to all involved. The opportunity to ask our team questions brought an unsurprisingly deep focus into sustainability and ethical practices. Reminding us why we do what we do, and why these considerations are so important to our community.

Attendees included Kristy Wu, Fredrika Akandar, Teresa Vu and many more.

Photography | Sarah Tee
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