our story


At Nobody Denim our brand values underpin how we behave and act.
Our values determine the behaviour that our customers, staff and partners demand from us.
It is deeply rooted in our locality, our heritage and the people that surround us. Our designs, ethos, outlook and aesthetic is deeply entrenched in our birth city. We take pride in representing Melbourne on a world stage and derive great benefit from our cultural surrounds.


Nobody Denim is the collective expression of our team of designers, creators, customers and retailers. More than just a business, we foster a culture of collaboration, encouraging participation and inclusivity from all members of our community.


Creativity is the key to our ongoing success. Encouraging creative expression, we are passionate about pushing the boundaries, experimenting and innovating in all sectors of the Nobody Denim brand – from fabric sourcing and design, to production and marketing.


At Nobody Denim, transparency is paramount – in our production methods, products and retailing. We take pride in prioritising the quality of our products as much as their social impact – a defining value reflected in our ethical ethos. Overseeing production firsthand ensures we remain true to our commitment of providing timeless fashion that is functional, sustainable and rooted in integrity.

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