Meet Your Maker

Rebekah McQuoid

Nobody Denim Design Director Rebekah McQuoid has long had a thing for Denim Jeans. “Denim has always been a big part of my life,” she tells. “It’s like this silly love affair, but I do find it forever interesting.”
Some things are meant to be, and McQuoid fell into working with her ultimate fabric early on in her career. From there, the connection’s only grown stronger. “The future of denim is constantly evolving [and] the fabrication is always so fascinating, because it starts in a completely different form to what it ends up,” she tells. “But I also love that denim is such a personal thing ... Most people, when they really love a jean, have a story. It becomes a memory or a piece of their life; it becomes a journey.” McQuoid’s own denim journey has taken her to New York and London to collaborate with boutique makers along with the biggest names in the industry. But it was a desire to return home and work for a company with ethics at its core that brought her to Nobody Denim. “Full transparency makes you feel so much lighter,” she explains. “It makes it easier to make decisions [when] we’re all working towards the same thing. It’s definitely the only way forward in every area of design so I feel very good that we have a head start on that, and a clear focus.”
As Design Director, McQuoid is responsible for the creative concept behind each Nobody Denim Collection. “Often with me, it starts with a picture,” she describes of her process. “And then once I’m intrigued by that I will look into the person, look at what they’re wearing ... I’ll be influenced by different details of their era in terms of the clothing and then incorporate the denim part of that.” For Nobody Denim’s ’Visionary’ collection, that person was abstract impressionist painter Helen Frankenthaler. “So based on who she was, who she was working with, how much of a strong woman she was, why everyone in the world doesn’t know more about her … we took an era of the body of work and the colour pallete revolved around her painting.”
For McQuoid, it’s all about finding that balance between evoking imagination and providing the perfect fit. “What I’m most happy about since I’ve been in the company is that I think we have moved on from just being a skinny jean brand, to now people thinking of Nobody Denim as the whole package,” she says.
My dream denim piece is ... I had this old pair of Levi’s Denim Jeans, which were super high waisted, perfect straight leg and they were worn in so they had that perfect crease down the front. I was so in love with them, my husband would always joke with me that ‘if the house was burning down, I’m not sure if you would save me or the jeans’. Unfortunately they disappeared, but I have many favourite pieces in my wardrobe. I’ve kept everything from different eras of my life and it’s all about this denim memory; they all give memories of different times. My favourite Nobody Denim design to date ... Is the Charlotte Jean; it’s a straight fit, I’m more of a rigid person than a stretch person ... And I wear it pretty much every day. Then [the other] current favourite is the Skylar Long. Dreamer or a realist? Well, it depends on the day. I’m always dreaming and planning but I can’t be in this position at this stage and not be some sort of realist. I hope ... That my kids can grow up and enjoy the Great Barrier Reef. The environment is my biggest concern right now. My daughter is only 13 but she’s been going to a lot of the environmental protests. Recently, she’s said I don’t care about going to Europe, I don’t care about going overseas, I want to go to the Great Barrier Reef because it’s not going to be there in a couple of years. And she might be right. I hope that it doesn’t change as drastically as it feels like it’s going to. I’m motivated by ... Passionate people. A visionary is ... Someone who has big ideas but is also very focused and committed to what they’re doing. Based on that, they inspire others. I definitely am inspired by visionaries.

“I think one of the most successful creative combinations is making sure you are doing fashion, but also relevant fashion that is wearable and makes you feel good ... And when you get it right, you get it really right.”