A Study In Silk

A Study In Silk


A versatile wardrobe addition, built to be worn back with your signature Nobody Denim.

This season, our hero is colour – and no one wears it better than our luxury silk pieces.

This collection sees an update to our signature silk styles, with bold hues and patterns paying homage to the art world.

Born from nature, Nobody Denim’s silk is a satin weave: a variety best-known for its fluid hand-feel and soft sheen. The effect is achieved by floating the fabric’s warp threads above the other fibres to create a smooth surface. The end product is a material that drapes effortlessly to follow the form.

Nobody Denim’s silk pieces are ethically made and sandwashed in the production stages – a process that lends to an even softer surface texture and a suede-like feel. The result is a matte fabric that feels exclusive for an occasion, yet understated for the everyday.

While materials like cotton are measured in thread count, the quality of silk is measured by weight – in a unit called momme (mm). The higher the momme, the greater the quality. Nobody Denim’s measure in at 16mm. That’s heavier than the average – hence the more luxurious consistency.

Crafted from durable fibre, a silk piece can be a garment for life. Not disimmilar to Denim - with the right care, it gets better with age.

Creating long-lasting pieces is a part of our manifesto, to reduce the need for repurchasing and over-consuming textiles.

In cross-seasonal fabrics, classic shapes reach beyond trends and attention to detail ensures individuality – allowing you to choose your signature piece, and keep it.

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