Meet Your Maker | Mael

Meet Your Maker | Mael


Like colleague Majuri, Banding Team member Mael Noutsa is well versed in creating clothes of his own – but he’s unlikely to let you know unless he’s pressed.

“I don’t even tell people I know how to make clothes,” he explains, “because then they start going, ‘can you make me this?’

“If I want to make a jacket I can do a jacket. “Fashion teaches you a lot, to be honest.” Noutsa grew up in Cameroon, Africa, before moving to Newcastle at age 9.

Also a dancer, it was a long period of travel that led him to Melbourne, and his role as part of the Banding Team at Nobody Denim. “I do the waistbands, if you want to be specific. And unpicking. I’m trying to find a way to explain it. I’m like, ‘Mum, I do this’ … I try to explain to her ... I’m like, ‘it’s very important’.”

Of his team, he says, “[They] work hard … They’ve got my back, you know?”

Ultimately, it’s Noutsa’s love for dance that inspires his interest in fashion. And those aesthetic sensibilities impart a sense of fulfilment to his work at Nobody Denim.

“It stands out … The first time I saw a chick wearing Nobody jeans I was like, ‘that’s Nobody!’”

“You’ve got to be proud when you see someone out there wearing the jeans. I made those.”

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