Together Once Again 

Celebrating community, our ability to be here, to connect and share again. 

It's been a tough couple of years and we want to celebrate life and all it holds for 2022 and beyond.

With the season inspired by local Australian creative talents, our Autumn 22 campaign celebrates connectivity and a sense of community, a bringing together of our personal uniqueness.

Together, once again.  

Brought together in a dreamy mid-century Warrandyte home, creatives from all divisions joined forced to celebrate a return to togetherness. Produced in partnership with Fashion Journal, beautiful artistry was formed and created.

In the words of Ruby Staley, powerhouse writer and featured talent, meet the 10 Australian creatives who inspired our AU22 campaign.

Kristy wears the Peaches and Cream set.
Onella wears the Madison Shirt Strive.

Left to right: Kristy wears the Demi Jacket Peaches and Cream with the matching Clementine Skirt Peaches and Cream. Onella wears the Madison Shirt Strive.

“The day of the shoot kicked off strong, with content creator and all-around gorgeous human Kristy Wu shooting first up. Her strong passion for design was made obvious through her stylistic choices. A natural in front of the camera, her selections both in the shoot and her day to day are unparalleled.

Fresh on the modelling scene, Onella Muralidhara is most passionate about shifting society’s beauty and body standards – a huge but admirable task. The multi-skilled beauty is also an interior designer concerned with creating spaces that are not only functional but aesthetically align with the use of the space (and she somehow finds time to pole dance on the side).



'into companionship or close association'.

Su wears the Denim Anorak Mentor and Andi Jean Mentor.
Jess wears the Sadie Jean Ideals
Bels wears the Lou Jean Crop Widsom.

Left to right: Su wears the Denim Anorak Mentor with the matching Andi Jean Mentor. Jess wears the Sadie Jean Ideals with the Luxe Rib Cutaway Tank Natural. Bel wears the Lou Jean Crop Wisdom.

Su Park, a model and graphic designer (and all-around wholesome human), is creative in her approach to life. Constantly smiling and giggling, she radiates an enviable aura of positivity that boosted the mood for everyone involved on shoot day. Both through her work and her personality, it’s clear that making life just that little bit more fun is her forte. 

A ceramicist by trade, Jess Choi of Eun Ceramics was lucky enough to find purpose in her hobby, turning it into a successful business and even finding a way to connect to her Korean heritage. Leaving her love of throwing clay behind for the day, she brought an air of lightness and fun to the shoot.

A true creative in every sense of the word, visual and musical artist Bel is a sight to behold. In her words, crafting “scriptures for the transcendental, visual forms to stun” is her prerogative, and this love and passion for the artistic realm is clear from the moment you come into contact with her.

Hansika wears the Demi Jacket Wisdom and the Lou Jean Strive.
Nobody Denim White Jacket and Jeans

Left to right: Hansika wears the Demi Jacket Wisdom with the Lou Jean Strive. Carman wears the Siren Skinny Silence and Ginger wears the Kennedy Jean Folklore.

Hansika, a fashion designer, pattern maker, seamstress and stylist, is not only talented – she’s the human form of sunshine. Passionate about designing pieces that push the boundaries of men and women’s fashion for her brand DocGirl, her creative knack is only enhanced by her warm and bubbly personality. 

Dynamic duo Ginger and Carman are living proof age is just a number. Fun-loving and enigmatic, these two unintentionally stole the show on the day and had everyone obsessed. They were filming fun TikToks, frolicking around and dishing compliments out to everyone they met. 

Finishing the day strong, writer and curator Sabina McKenna was last up on the call sheet. The brains behind the photojournalistic project Where Are You From?, she is a true storyteller at heart. On the day, Sabina completely captivated everyone with her intelligence, warmth and vulnerability.

The stories we shared and the moments we captured on film were all made possible thanks to the incredible team who each brought their own individual definition of creativity to the project. With the peculiarities of the past couple of years somewhat behind us, it was a moment in time for us all to take a break from normal life, to connect and reignite the fire that keeps this fierce community alive. It’s a gift I won’t soon forget, that’s for sure.”

Read Ruby’s full account on Fashion Journal here, and explore the full Autumn collection here. 

Sabina wears the Libby Jumpsuit Strive.
Ruby wears the Angelica Dress Secrets with the Andi Jean Secrets.

Left to right: Sabina wears the Libby Jumpsuit Strive. Ruby wears the Angelica Dress Secrets with the matching Andi Jean Secrets.

Photographer: Jess Brohier at Alt-House
Photo Assist: Enrico Kas
Director: Grace Moore
Cinematographer: Jackson Grant
Makeup : Lily Swan
Hair : Banan Mahmoud
Words : Excerpt by Ruby Staley
Talent: Kristy,  Onella, Ginger and Carman, Ruby, Jess, Bel, Hansika, Su and Sabina.
Produced in partnership with Fashion Journal

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